The TIO TIO Hub is Germany’s first rooftop padel venue and a meeting place, where padel meets social hang-outs.
Become part of our unique and gain from multiple advantages. Get access to your personal membership versus Playtomic.
Here's what you gain access to:
Priority Court-Booking for TIO TIO Hub:
TIO TIO members can book courts on TIO TIO Hub 14 days in advance, compared to non-members who can book only 7 days ahead.
Discount on TIO TIO Apparel & Equipment:
TIO TIO members receive an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases at the TIO TIO Shop.
Priority Access to TIO TIO Social Events:
TIO TIO members can reserve a spot in TIO TIO social events, tournaments, and coaching sessions a full 14 days ahead of non-members.
TIO TIO Key Chain:
TIO TIO members receive an exclusive TIO TIO Key Chain, a symbol of your dedication to what we call a lifestyle.
Starting Fee Discount:
TIO TIO members receive a 15% discount on TIO TIO tournament fees.
Towel Service:
No need to carry your own – fresh TIO TIO towels await you, making your visits even more enjoyable and stress-free.
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